Nickajack Creek and Nickajack Watershed

Nickajack Creek Nickajack Creek winds through Heritage Park in Cobb County, Georgia and is one of the primary water ways that leads to the Chattahoochee River. The Chattahoochee is the main source of water for the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, making this entire watershed critical.
Properties that are contiguous to Nickajack Creek can contribute greatly to the preservation of the water quality. 50 to 100 foot vegetative buffers can filter the water that flows through this watershed. a view of Nickajack from the railroad trestle that is now part of the Silver Comet
looking down to Nickajack
   Creek from the railroad trestle that is part of the Silver Comet Trail Nickajack Creek is a beautiful part of Heritage Park as it winds along next to the trail through the park. At the Heritage Park page there is a map showing the location of the creek in the park.

The Concord Woolen Mill ruins lie next to the creek near the northern half of Heritage. A beautiful view of Nickajack can be seen from the old railroad trestle that was converted as part of the Silver Comet Trail.