Concord Woolen Mill Ruins
(circa 1847-1916)

The ruins of the Concord Woolen Mills are situated near the north corner of  linear Heritage Park.  Cobb County's Dept of Transportation protected the remaining structure with ghost framing.  Dynamiting from the nearby East West Connector construction might otherwise have caused the structure to become unstable.


The Concord Woolen Mill is located along Nickajack Creek and within the Concord Historic District.  The community located around the mill was named "Nickajack Factory" and was within close proximity of a community named Mill Grove.

Ruff's Mill in the Concord Historic District

Martin Luker Ruff and family moved to Cobb from Henry County in the 1830's.  About the same time, Robert Daniel, a great grandson of a colonial Governor of South Carolina, moved from Clark County, GA.  The two men developed a complete mill community with a school, church and general store.  The Union Army destroyed the factory on July 4, 1864.  The Mill was rebuilt and began operations in 1869.  It was eventually sold by Ruff and Daniel in 1872.

Photos of the Concord Woolen Mill ruins and the ghost framing put in place by the Cobb County Dept of Transportation to stabilize the structure during construction of the East-West Connector

Woolen Mill in Heritage Park

Mill before ghost framing