History of the Union Chapel

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In the 1880's, Marietta, GA was surrounded by rural farmland. It was beginning its recovery from the devastation of the war and its people relied on God.  Going to church in Marietta meant a difficult ride down an often muddy road in a horse and buggy. About 4 miles south of Marietta, some neighboring families of different faiths joined together, and using the rocks their plows had unearthed, built a gathering place for worship, education and community events.

It was called Union Chapel to signify the union of church denominations for worship. In more recent years, it came to be known as "Nesbitt Chapel" after the original donors of the property. The church's 1886 deed, a Trust, documents the transfer of ownership from Robert and Rebecca Nesbitt, on whose land it was built, to a community trusteeship.

 The five named trustees  of the 1886 Trust Deed were:
  • John R. Ward
  • James G. Hughes
  • Robert C. Irwin
  • Robert T. Nesbitt
  • Hugh R. Starnes

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