The McFarlane Eagle Aerie

Boy Scout Projects at McFarlane

Boy Scouts of nearby Troops have contributed many projects to McFarlane Nature Park, beginning with the clearing of walking trails through the transitional pine to hardwood woodland. 

Todd W. Avirett, Ben Sanden and Trey Greene
organized scouts in this effort. Trails extend to the center of the woodland from three pedestrian entrances that were constructed by the scouts. Benches were also built within the woods.
Fire Ring
The long white plank fence along the entrance drive was totally replaced as an Eagle Scout project by Ian D.Powell. This greatly enhanced the historic view of McFarlane as a place where polo ponies used to board and roam the three pastures on the property. The Farmhouse fence was restored as one of the first Eagle Scout Projects by Courtland Plichta.
Paul Stuk and friends provided a covered pavilion that welcomes many groups who meet to picnic at the park. Next to the pavilion, a fire ring built by John Paul Remorenko, and fellow scouts, safely contains flames for the annual yule log burning attended by nearby residents.
Stephen Spann headed a group who built council type seating in the back pasture that will handle groups of about 30 for nature presentations or scout meetings.  Jason Outwater added two flag poles.
Many of the scouts have completed projects on their way to  earning Eagle Scout status in their troops.

Scouts who have contributed to the park include:
Eagle Scout Badge
Austin Adams Troop 200 Identification of mature trees throughout the park Mar. 2011
Travis Adams Troop 200 Woodland Split Rail Nov. 2012
Todd Avirett Troop 1011 Field entrance, woodland trail and benches Nov. 1994
Charles R. "Rob" Bishop Troop 1011 Sixteen birdhouses and two bat houses Aug. 1997
Mark Bleichner Troop1011 Picnic pavilion bench and movable benches Dec. 2002
Mack Brown Troop Restroom Landscaping and trail from pavilion Nov. 2005
Jackson Call Troop Bridge over fern swale 2014
Coleson Chase Troop 1011 six portable picnic tables with benches Mar. 1998
Nelson Dean Troop772 Paint and restore farmhouse fence May 2002
Robert Fleishel Troop 713 Purple Martin Condo and other birdhouses Oct. 2012
Jeff Gantt Troop 772 Paint and restore farmhouse fence Apr. 2002
Chase Green Troop 1011 Display Board for Bronze plaques Mar. 2001
Robert "Trey" Greene III Troop 1011 Field entrance, woodland trail, benches Oct. 1996
Matthew Haecker Troop 1011 2002
Aiden Hedley Troop 1011 Stoned entrance to east pasture Nov 2020
David Himot Troop Improved Entrance Signage and Landscaping May 2007
Beau Jarratt Troop 713 Winged Ft Circle Entrance and Split Rail Feb. 2013
Ben Jarratt Troop 713 Renewal of Case's Place Oct. 2012
Matt Jarratt Troop 713 Development of Case's Place Feb. 2005
Joshua LaVoy Troop 1011 Path development through tree break Jan. 2021
Jason Mabe Troop 714 Winged Foot Circle entrance split rail fence and gate Oct. 1996
Sam Milam Troop 1011 Barbecue Fireplace June 2013
Jason Outwater Troop 797 Two flag poles Mar. 2013
Courtland Plichta Troop 1776 Renovation of farmhouse fence Nov. 1994
Edward Poole Troop 1011 assisted with stacked stone steps and railingsFeb. 2000
Ian D. Powell Troop 70 White fence along entry drive July 1997
Allan Raulerson Troop 797 split rail fence, establish picnic area in stable yard Nov. 2001
John Paul Remorenko Troop 1011 Fire pit with seating Nov. 2001
William Rossman Troop 1011 Split rail and steps behind stable May 2012
Ben Sanden Troop 1011 Field Entrance,woodland trail and benches Dec. 1995
David Schultz Troop 400 Enhanced Winged Foot Circle Entrance July 2010
Stephen Spann Troop 1011 Council seating Oct. 1997
Paul Stuk Troop 1011 Picnic pavilion May 1998
Isaac Terry Troop 400 Tack shed entrance and erosion control Apr. 1996
Terran Viehe Troop 1011 Eight picnic tables with benches Apr. 1996
Zach Vogel Troop 797 Split rail fencing in woodland Nov. 2020
We hope to honor each of the scouts who have contributed to McFarlane. Please send us a note if anyone has been overlooked or if any of this information is not accurate.