Barry and Ryan Wilson
Kolb Farm Coalition

On December 2, 2002, the Kolb Farm Coalition transferred a 4.3 acre tract of land to the Kennesaw National Battlefield Park in Kennesaw, GA.  The property, at the corner of Powder Springs and Cheatham Hill Roads, is across the street from the historic Kolb Farm house. 

The restored log farm house was used by Union General Joseph Hooker during the battle in which General John Bell Hood's Confederate soldiers were repulsed in an attack in June 1864.

According to archeologist Ransom Bennett, three picket lines were found on the property, apparently built by the soldiers of the Kentucky Federal Regiment during the 1864 Battle of Kolb Farm. The trenches varied in length from 40 to 329 feet, accounting for about one third of the tract that was saved.  No artifacts were found on the site in preliminary surveys, probably because it was farmed after the Civil War.

The Kolb Farm Coalition raised $30,000, which, when combined with green space funds from Cobb County, allowed for purchase of the land.  The tract was then deeded to the Kennesaw National Battlefield Park.

The Coalition offers salutes to the other organizations who stepped forward to help in the initial efforts.