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Select a tree or trees that you wish to sponsor for yourself or a friend.  The tree will be planted at McFarlane. The donation is a minimum of $30 per tree.  Be sure to add a note to your order that indicates to whom you may wish to have a letter of acknowledgement sent.  If there are multiple trees ordered, send the names and addresses of recipients who should be sent cards to

Every effort will be made to plant the specific tree type ordered, but we reserve the right to substitute if we are unable to source the tree requested.

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Carya myristiciformis Nutmeg Hickory Rarest species of hickory. Blooms in early spring.

Carya tomentosa Mockernut Hickory Beautifully shaped leaves, bright yellow-orange fall color

 Castanea pumila Chinquapin Attractive foliage on upswept branches, Small tasty nuts.

Ilex opaca American Holly Evergreen, a slow grower but hardy with red berries.

Malus angustifolia Crabapple Beautiful small tree with wonderfully fragrant deep pink flowers.

Prunus angustifolia Chickasaw Plum Forms colonies, excellent wildlife resource, spring flowers

Prunus umbellata Flatwoods Plum Very showy spring white flowers, excellent for wildlife

Rhus copallina Shining Sumac Showing summer flowers and distinctive red fall color.

Rhus glabra Smooth Sumac Fire engine red fall leaves, berries for wildlife

Stewartia malocodendron Silky Camelia Striking white flowers with purple centers in July/August.

Vaccinium arboreum Sparkleberry Black fruit ripen in late summer, food source for birds

Quercus stellata Post Oak Cross-shaped leaves, moderately fast growing.