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McFarlane Nature Park

McFarlane Future Fund

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In this, the 30th year of the Park, an endowment fund has been created to support the Park into the Future.

When the McFarlane property was given to The Cobb Land Trust, there was no endowment attached. All operating expenses have been paid from donations.
• Those who use the Park for events are never charged but many choose to donate.
• The Chattahoochee Plantation Community Assoc. provides an opportunity for residents to donate along with their annual dues.
• Several fund raisers have been held over the years.
• Individuals have donated.

The Endowment Plan
No funds will be expended until a base of $100,000 is reached.
• Thereafter, only a portion of the increase will be made available each year to help fund expenses of the Park.
• The remaining percentage will be folded back into the principal to grow into the future.
$1,000+ donations made or pledged in 2022 or 2023 are being recognized as founding contributors.
Founding contributors to the endowment may donate by check or may pledge with payments extended over a period of time not to exceed December 31, 2023. This will allow donors to take advantage of Required Minimum Distributions and gain that tax advantage for their donation. Those who made contributions in 2023, may top up that amount to reach $1,000 and Founding Contributor Status.

Donations can be mailed to The Cobb Land Trust, Post Office Box 672652, Marietta 30006
Or donors may provide their name and contact information and the amount of their pledge.