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Native Azaleas
58 native azaleas transplanted to McFarlane Nature Park.

On November 14, 40 volunteers planted donated azaleas in their new homes.

Jeff Miller, of Blade and Bush landscaping, donated his crew and his time to dig the azaleas at our neighbor's home.  Their roots were wrapped in burlap and then they were moved to the Park. The crew had already dug 52 holes for the plants.  Master Gardeners dug the remaining six.

Forty volunteers positioned the transplanted azaleas in their new homes. Distancing was easy on 11.5 acres with azaleas being planted around the perimeter of the Park and all volunteers wore their masks.

Boy Scouts from Troop 797 followed in the afternoon with mulch.
landscape crew digging plants   moving day   azaleas ready at Park   azaleas at their new homes  
Azaleas were dug, wrapped and moved to McFarlane (click on images)
We also received 20 new native azaleas from hybridizer Earl Sommerville of Marietta GA.  These smaller plants will winter over in a protected location to be planted out early next spring, bringing the total collection to 132 individual plants.    See what Earl's plants will look like here.